Producing with passion

Raydale Preserves is a family run business set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

We’re passionate about our history

Set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, in the picturesque valley of Raydale, Raydale Preserves is a family run business established by husband and wife team Derek and Lesley Kettlewell in 1978.

Originally produced for and sold in our family shop, Elijah Allen’s, Hawes, Raydale Preserves has continued to grow year on year and in 2008 son Andrew and his wife Rachel joined the team.

Raydale landscape

Raydale Preserves range

Public footpath sign to Stalling Busk

Raydale Preserves was born out of farm diversification and because of this we are dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the stunning surroundings to which we call home. A percentage of the profits generated by Raydale Preserves continues to be used to maintain the upkeep of this atmospheric landscape.

As Raydale Preserves has grown we have restored dry stone walls, dry stone barns, developed permissive footpaths and replanted ancient woodland within the valley. We are proud of our heritage and hold our role in the preservation, as well as the development, of our local landscapes and communities close to our heart.

We’re passionate about our production

We pride ourselves on using traditional methods to produce our products. Here at Raydale Preserves all our ingredients are of the highest quality all are ethically sourced from sustainable environments.

Wherever possible we use local suppliers in our products such as strawberries from Spilman’s Farm, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Rhubarb from Tomlinson’s of Pudsey and our Yorkshire Mayonnaise is made with Yorkshire rapeseed!

We’re quite old fashioned here at Raydale Preserves and although we’ve come a long way from our early days, you’ll still find us topping strawberries, potting jars and sticking on labels by hand.

You can see that each stage of production is meticulously maintained to ensure true excellence in finish. We believe passion, hard work, attention to detail and simplicity are key.

Filling jars with jam

Filled jam jars

We're passionate about recipes

Whilst it’s open for debate here at Raydale Preserves as to if anything beats a humble piece of hot buttered toast with jam what we can all agree is that our products can be used for so much more!

Raydales cheese sandwich

Jam tart selection

Raydales at breakfast

We're passionate about the future

While we pride ourselves on using traditional methods to produce our products, we’re always looking to the future. We hold the development of our local landscapes and communities close to our hearts.